Tender gnocchi covered with a creamy tomato sauce, speckled with fresh spinach and mouthfuls of melting cheese – capital G to the orgeous!

This recipe is a new favorite around here and I think it works perfectly in line with summer to fall: just a beautifully simple tomato sauce made with sweet tomato passata (a skinless, seedless, silky and pure tomato puree that tastes pretty much like fresh tomatoes in a jar), minced garlic and onion, a little torn basil to preserve these last days of heat and a dollop of mascarpone to kick off the warm atmosphere of the season.

Add pre-made gnocchi and spinach to this sauce dream, cover it under fresh mozzarella and parmesan, and you’re looking for a dinner-worthy recipe that also works as a weekday SOS meal.

Here Are The Ingredients We Are Working With Today

Your wonderfully short ingredient list consists of:

  • passata (love! love love love. I recommend DeLallo passata because they only make the best authentic Italian products, so you know they do it well. Their passata is so sweet and charming.)
  • onion / garlic
  • mascarpone cheese
  • prefabricated gnocchi (see above about DeLallo)
  • spinach
  • cheese for the filling – I like the mozzarella slices and a little sprinkle of parmesan
  • basil

Fabulous. Amaze. Perfection. I couldn’t love this range more.

How To Make Gnocchi In The Oven

Doing this couldn’t be easier:

  • You make the sauce.
  • You add the gnocchi and the spinach.
  • You bake it under cheese.

How you handle all the goodness, however, is a more difficult matter. Do you invite friends? Share with a neighbor? Eat it all in 1-2 sessions? Or keep a small container in the refrigerator for a midnight snack? I can personally confirm that these are all effective and appropriate ways to behave around a large bubbling pan of cheese-covered gnocchi. You can’t be wrong.

I also tried adding a can of white beans for a little more volume, which would be a good tip to keep in your back pocket, but I would tell you that the glory of this recipe is its simplicity – the soft gnocchi, the tender cooked spinach and the tangy tomato sauce with just the right amount of creaminess – and honestly, I hate playing with such a good thing.

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