Good news! There is a bowl of silky, creamy, savory rigatoni in pumpkin sauce, sprinkled with rosemary-walnut crispies, on which your name is written tonight for dinner, for lunch the next day and for many days after that.

This pumpkin pasta is especially for you if you enjoy it:

  • Autumn flavors
  • Warm, cozy things
  • Rosemary and garlic and butter
  • Foods with contrasting silky/crispy texture
  • Pumpkin as a life theme
  • Large floppy rigatoni noodles

Things that really taste good?

This month we promise #ChooseLunch, and is there really a better lunch to look forward to in the fall than creamy pumpkin pasta with rosemary and walnut crispies? This is one of those recipes that has a good shelf life for several days, warms up beautifully, makes you full and tastes so good that every time you do a little merry dance in your head (or how not in your mind) remember that it is waiting for you in the refrigerator.

Breakfast is delicious and dinner is wonderful, but there’s a 10/10 chance you’ll have a more productive, happier feel-good day if you eat well at lunchtime.

There are two parts to make this recipe, the main one is to make these little rosemary walnut crispies.

Should you make a double batch of them so that you can add them to any salad, to any toasted vegetable bowl, soup, cheese plate, snack bag and stew for the rest of the fall and winter? Y to E to S.. These little guys are universally delicious.
Production of the walnut crispies:

First, let your walnuts chop and roast.

Then throw them with a little fresh rosemary and brown sugar and black pepper and salt and butter. It’s really just an indispensable walnut spa treatment. Try not to eat all of them hot from the pan, because WOW.

Fun facts: Walnuts are an incredible source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for your body and brain and can help fight depression, anxiety, inflammation and a host of other things. The food is so amazing.
Preparing the pumpkin pasta:

Okay, cook your noodles.

Make your pumpkin sauce that is so simple and life-changing good.

Noodles come into the bowl and a spoonful of rosemary-walnut crispies (okay, well, a few more) (and then a few more) come on top.

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